The mission of The Whitesbog Preservation Trust is to restore, protect, and enhance the land, historic Whitesbog Village, and the White family legacy, inspiring audiences of all ages to experience:

  • the origins and past innovations of of cranberry and blueberry cultivation, and the rich culture and unique ecology of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Whitesbog Preservation Trust’s Vision:  To serve as a regional model for historic preservation and public-private partnership, inspiring citizen action, advocacy, and stewardship, while becoming nationally recognized as a center for learning about the history, culture, agriculture, and natural environment of Whitesbog and the New Jersey Pinelands through cooperative efforts with other organizations and institutions.


Strategic Plan Goals 2018-2020 Whitesbog Preservation Trust


Goal 1: Restore, Preserve, Protect and Maintain

Maintain enlightened stewardship by practicing responsible custodianship, committing to the long-term care, preservation, and comprehension of the collections and facilities with which we have been entrusted. These include buildings, landscapes, and collections.


Goal 2: Education and Outreach

Engage in research and educational outreach, connecting learners through storytelling, inventions, arts, engineering, agriculture, photography, nutrition, botany, horticulture, technology, hands-on learning, testing theories, using higher-order thinking, deepening experiences and building excitement about Whitesbog history, research and findings.


Goal 3: Community Engagement and Visitor Experience

Establish Whitesbog Historic Village as a unique cultural destination that is convenient, accessible, meaningful, relevant, affordable and dynamic. The village is a popular gathering place for regional residents and visitors. Establish region-wide awareness of the village programs and assets and promote regional historic, cultural and ecological assets. Enhance audience engagement with our museums and archives through participatory, relevant, and enjoyable experiences.


Goal 4: Training and Empowering People

Attract and keep empowered and committed people by fostering an environment that encourages teamwork, cooperation, creativity, innovation, and respect for diversity while providing necessary human, physical and financial resources. Improve the level of expertise and performance of the staff, volunteers and Board of Trustees through training, customer service and community involvement.


Goal 5: Organizational Sustainability

Strengthen the governance team dedicated to the preservation and growth of Whitesbog Historic Village. Increase fundraising, earned-income, endowment, annual fund, membership and community support to maintain high standards of programs and operations. Strengthen our partnerships with federal, state, regional and local organizations and businesses.