The mission of The Whitesbog Preservation Trust is to restore, protect, and enhance the land, historic Whitesbog Village, and the White family legacy, inspiring audiences of all ages to experience:

  • the origins and past innovations of of cranberry and blueberry cultivation, and
  • the rich culture and unique ecology of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Whitesbog Preservation Trust’s Vision:  To serve as a regional model for historic preservation and public-private partnership, inspiring citizen action, advocacy, and stewardship, while becoming nationally recognized as a center for learning about the history, culture, agriculture, and natural environment of Whitesbog and the New Jersey Pinelands through cooperative efforts with other organizations and institutions.

2010-15 Strategic Plan Goals:

1.   Restore, protect, and enhance the historical structures and important horticultural, agricultural, and natural landscapes of Whitesbog.

2.   Preserve and manage Whitesbog’s archives and relevant artifacts moving toward a comprehensive program of public education, digital access, and research availability.

3.   Engage and educate visitors with insightful and authentic interpretation of Whitesbog, its history, culture, and ecology.

4.   Promote and coordinate the responsible use of Whitesbog through various networks and regional resources.

5.   Establish a secure and sustainable financial base.

6.   Continue to improve governance policies, administrative operations, and management practices and procedures.

7.   Initiate and support cooperative efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the region’s   historical, cultural, ecological, and agricultural resources.


Approved by the Board of Trustees 10/28/09

Presented to the membership for approval and adopted 4/25/10

Updated for Annual Membership Meeting 4/10/11

Adopted 4/10/11