Whitesbog encompasses 3,000 acres of bogs, creeks, and forests, and offers a diversity of wildlife and scenic beauty long enjoyed by visitors to this historic cranberry and blueberry farm.

The Whitesbog Preservation Trust invites visitors to travel back in time to learn about the history of cranberry farming, life in a rural South Jersey company town and the individuals and culture that supported the farming operations and Elizabeth White’s efforts to cultivate the first highbush blueberry. Explore the Village on your own or attend a scheduled program, or sign up for a guided tour. Check our Calendar of Events for dates and times. Registering is easy and can be done right on-line.

Whitesbog Village is part of Brendan T. Byrne State Forest located in Burlington County, New Jersey. The Village is open every day from dawn to dusk and offers designated hiking, biking, horseback riding trails, and driving routes. Starting from the Whitesbog General Store, visitors are invited to explore the Village with maps and brochures, available at the Visitors Center (weekdays), in the General Store (weekends), or in the Village Kiosk (after hours). You may also walk or ride around the cranberry bogs and through the woods to experience the wonders of nature in this unique area.

Please note: Your use of the Whitesbog trails and other areas is strictly at your own risk. The Trust accepts no responsibility for any damage to your vehicle or injury to drivers, passengers, or walkers. The trust makes no representations—express or implied—about the suitability and safety of the Whitesbog trails and areas for recreational use and driving. Anyone using the Whitesbog trails and areas releases the Trust from any damage, injury, or harm that may occur during such usage.

Enjoy your visit!

The Whitesbog Gallery is a members gallery space to connect local South Jersey artists with Whitesbog Village's history, buildings and landscape.  Housed in a 1900-era worker's cottage, the renovated three room, cedar-clad building is a light filled-space. Situated in the historic village, it is one of over 20 buildings that have been renovated by the Whitesbog Preservation Trust including a General Store, Barrel Factory and the home of Elizabeth White, Suningive. Surrounded by cranberry bogs and situated in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the setting is beautiful and inspiring .

At the Living History events, the village will come alive with workers and residents form the 1920's. Whitesbog’s past to life, giving visitors a glimpse of history.

Popular are Elizabeth White, whose work with botanist Frederick Coville of the USDA led to the cultivation of the modern bluberry, discuss their important agricultural work here at Whitesbog where it all happened.

In addition to White and Coville, various programs throughout the year highlight the lives of the growers, breeders, botanists, entomologists, and cranberry and blueberry pickers who contributed to the village’s unique heritage.

Whitesbog hosts 2 living history events a year July featuring the Bluberry Farming and October featuring the Cranberry Farming.

We would LOVE to see you become a part of our Living History. Call 609-893-4646 for additional details or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Looking for a location to host your next event?

Located in the Pinelands National Reserve, Whitesbog Historic Trust provides the perfect place for a family reunion, birthday party, wedding, or other such gatherings. 

Please call the Visitors’ Center at 609 893 4646 for more information and to schedule an appointment to view the available venues.


- Suningive (Home of Elizabeth White)

- Suningive Historic Garden

- Barrel Factory (Pictures Above)

- Cranberry & Blueberry Museum

- Outdoors in the Village

- Cottage 10

For more information or to schedule an appointment to view the venues, please call us at (609)893-4646 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Whitesbog Preservation Trust has interpreted FIVE buildings as museums depicting the life and times of Whitesbog Village. These museums are open during scheduled village tours, special programs, and by appointment.


Details for most of the following–including dates and prices of tours–can be found at the Calendar of Events.

Living History Tours: Meet some of the people of Whitesbog. Historical interpreters will bring to life J.J. White, Elizabeth Coleman White, Dr. Frederick Coville, and Charles Beckwith to give you the history of Whitesbog and their roles in the Cranberry and Blueberry Industries. Suningive (Elizabeth White’s historic home) and the Cranberry Research Substation will be open. Reservations requested.

Seasonal Programs: Each season offers different opportunities to visit Whitesbog Village.


The Whitesbog Preservation Trust welcomes Eagle Scouts and Scout Troops to participate in projects throughout the village. The Old Bog Trail‘s boardwalk, our pond’s teaching platform, and the Driving Trail sign posts were all installed and maintained by scouts. We have several projects pending an Eagle Scout’s leadership and lots of activities waiting for the energy and enthusiasm of local Scout troops.

We encourage Eagle Scouts and local Scout leaders to call our Executive Director at 609-893-4646 for a project tour or visit us on volunteer workdays to help maintain the trails and meet our project leaders; check our Calendar of Events for dates and times.

Students in search of community service hours can visit our Volunteer Job Descriptions page for assignments of interest and call for position availability and an interview with the Executive Director or Committee Chairperson.

Whitesbog Village’s grounds are open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, as part of the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest. The Village buildings are open only for scheduled events, pre-arranged tours, and by special request. Consult our calendar of events for dates and times, or call the office at (609) 893-4646 to schedule a special visit.

Field Trips
The Pinelands Institute for Natural & Environmental Studies, (P.I.N.E.S.), a program of Whitesbog Preservation Trust operates in Historic Whitesbog Village in cooperation with the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest.
The Pinelands Institute at Whitesbog Village provides educational programs featuring the natural and cultural history of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Programs include school field trips, in-school presentations, adult group presentations, teacher workshops, and special events. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people to be immersed in local habitats, to foster awareness and stewardship towards all living things within those habitats, and to help people discover their past and present connection to the land.
We are located in Historic Whitesbog Village in the Pine Barrens located in Browns Mills, Burlington County, New Jersey. We are surrounded by beautiful forests, wetlands, blueberry fields and cranberry bogs.


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Field Trips Offered:


Spring Adventures Field Trip (Pre-K - 4)

3 hours 30 minutes • Price varies 

Best scheduled for April – June.

The adventures in this lesson focus on what native plants and animals do after waking up after a long winter’s sleep. Students will discover frog and tadpole adaptations, catch dragonfly nymphs and other aquatic larvae in a pond, go on a microsafari through leaf litter, observe birds and their adaptations, and identify signs of spring growth in plants.

Autumn Adventures field trip (Pre-K - 4)

3 hours 30 minutes • Price varies

Best scheduled for September – November

The adventures in this lesson focus on what local species do when the weather turns chilly. Students will take a journey to explore migration, explore which local species hibernate, identify adaptations for winter survival, and investigate seasonal plant changes at interactive stations.

Winter Adventures field trip ( PreK-4)

3 hours 30 minutes • Price varies

Best scheduled for December-February

The adventures in this lesson focus on who is awake during the winter, and what discoveries we can make in a seemingly sleeping landscape Students will have the opportunity to observe rare Tundra swans, find hibernating insects in galls, practice animal tracking skills, build a hibernaculum, meet a tree, and listen to the sounds of winter during a nature hike.

Exploring Freshwater Wetlands (gr. 3-12)

3 hours 30 minutes • Price varies

Best scheduled for March - Octobe

Students will venture into the depths of 5 different wetland areas in order to learn about wetlands in general and about the vital rolr e wetlands play to the New Jersey Pinelands. Topics include wetlands plants, animal, soils, and ecological roles. By exploring the various forms of wetland habitats, taking measurements, recording observations, and investigating the plant and animal life in each area, students will become aware of the relationship between living organisms and their habitat.

Pond Ecology field trip (gr K-12)

3 hours 30 minutes • Price varies

Best scheduled for April – October

A lesson based on discovering the multitude of living things found in freshwater pond habitats. Students will perform a pond aquatic species survey, discuss how pollution affects species populations, and describe adaptations that allow them to live in a pond habitat. They will also observe and identify wetland plant species, and discover microorganisms that are small enough to live in a drop of water. Students will discuss the interdependence and adaptations of plants and animals that live in these wet areas.

Pine Barrens Ecology field trip (gr 6-12)

3 hours 30 minutes • Price varies

Available year round

Students will work in upland, lowland, and cedar swamp forest communities. Using scientific field study methods, they will collect information on water & soil pH, soil composition, nutrient percolation, habitat characteristics and pollution threats. The results of their investigations will assist students in understanding the characteristics of each community, the importance of each, and their connectivity to the local environment as a whole.

Lenape: Living in the Pines (gr. K-8)

3 hours 30 minutes • Contact us for pricing details

Available all year round

Discover the Lenape, the "first people", and the techniques they used to survive pre-European contact. As students travel our trails, they will learn how this society based its way of life on the environment and utilized natural resources for food, shelter and other necessities. Students will practice aspects of daily life (including food prep, traditional medicines, and games), become anthropologists and discern what they can about how people lived long ago through artifacts, and experience Lenape technology and how it relates to our own.

Life in a Company Town (gr. K-8)

3 hours 30 minutes • Contact us for pricing details

Available all year round

After its founding by J.J. White in the late 1800’s, Whitesbog became an important and thriving company town. Students will travel back in time to experience what life was like over a century ago, and become acquainted with our connection to the land through farming. Discover the stories behind the buildings in this historic village via a scavenger hunt, participate in house chores and light farm work in the cranberry bog, and learn of Elizabeth Coville-White, the woman behind the blueberry. Best for grades K - 8

New Jersey Cranberry Industry (gr. K-12)

3 hours 30 minutes • Contact us for pricing details

Only available in Octobe

Explore the soil and water in the wetland habitat of the native cranberry plant to find out where this iconic food comes from. Discover how cranberries took over after iron, journey into the bog to investigate cranberry ecology, learn of early cranberry farming at Whitesbog, observe a modern harvest (if in progress), and pick cranberries by hand from a historic cranberry bog to bring home! 



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For additional information or to book a program, please call (609) 893-1765 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Whitesbog Village’s grounds are open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, as part of the Brendan T. Byrne State Forest.

To enjoy and learn about Whitesbog on your own, stop in the Office in Worker’s Cottage #12 next to the General Store and pick up a map of the Village, trail guides and brochures. Plant guides, bird books and binoculars are also available on loan. The Office is open weekdays 10AM-12PM and 1PM-3PM.

Most of the Village buildings are only opened for scheduled programs, tours and events, pre-arranged tours and by special request. Consult our Calendar of Events for dates and times, or call the office (609) 893-4646 to schedule your visit.

  • Regularly scheduled tours of Whitesbog, the Village museums, and Elizabeth White’s gardens occur monthly as posted on our Calendar of Events page. (The guided tours of the Village and museums occur at 1pm on the first Saturday of each month; check the calendar for details and pricing.) We also offer Moonlight Walks (see below) each month. Specialty tours for groups may be arranged by reservation. As a volunteer organization, tour guides or docents may be at Whitesbog and available for discussion or impromptu tours on Saturdays or Sundays. Please call ahead to ensure availability.