Whitesbog Board of Trustees - 2019

Jeff Macechak, President, Board of Trustees

Millicent Moore,Vice President, Member, Board of Trustees

Paul Detrick, Treasurer, Member, Board of Trustees

KennyWillitts, Secertary, Board of Trustees

John Joyce, Board of Trustees

Ed Mattson, Board of Trustees

Maria Mosca, Board of Trustees

Robert Laucks, Board of Trustees

Sharon Goodman, Board of Trustees


Honorary Board Members

Joe Darlington, Honorary Board Member

President - Joseph J. White Inc.

Sharon Goodman, Honorary Board Member

Ted Gordon, Honorary Board Member 

Botanical & Historical Consultant


Advisory Board Members

Lise Mainor, Advisory Board Member

Roni Detrick, Advisory Board Member

Tom Besselman, Advisory Board Member


Trust Staff 

Allison PiersonExecutive Director

Paid Staff

Jennifer Rubeo, Contracted Bookkeeper

Paid Staff

Kiyomi Locker, Archivist (Click Here to meet Kiyomi)

Paid Staff

Jessica Grill, P.I.N.E.S Coordinator (Click Here to meet Jess)

Paid Staff



Membership & Fundraising - Lise Mainor, Allison Pierson

Building & Restoration - John Joyce, Rick Stevens, Tom Besselman

Events & Programs - Kenny Willitts, Allison Pierson Caroline Weigle, Kiyomi Locker

Marketing & Communications - Allison Pierson, Kenny Willitts, Caroline Weigle, Mark Ehlenfeldt

General Store - MariAnne Torres

Gallery - Terry Schmidt

Garden & Landscape - Mark Szutarski, Terry Schmidt, Tom Besselman

Education & Interetation - Jeff Macechak

Archives - Kiyomi Locker, Sharon Goodman, Janet Felt

Living History & Tours - Jeff Macechak

Cranberry & Bluberry Museum - Ted Gordon, Joe Darlington

Newsletter - Mark Ehlenfeldt, Allison Pierson 

General Store - MariAnne Torres